didn’t see him. I looked him directly in the eyes, yet I did not see him. It made me realize that maybe that’s the problem….We never really see each other. When I work with groups of light workers and healers, the energy of their light and vitality illuminates them, and it’s so easy for me to see them. It’s easy for me to see disruptions in their light. I see their beauty and how they walk gloriously, and yes though they have shadows, it’s easy for me to see them.
I recently had a situation where I was meeting with an individual in my corporate capacity. I do usually close myself off during these interactions so that I don’t drain myself. However, I also keep myself slightly open to work empathically during interactions. I looked him in the eye. I saw the sadness, but I did not pick up much more than that. The next day I received word that he had ended his life. The news has hit me hard. I feel as though I should have seen it…I feel as though I should have recognized that dark messenger that I am so familiar with.
Then I had an epiphany. How can we see the shadow inside a shadow slumping around in the darkness? Perhaps that’s the reason for the excruciating loneliness that we experience on a day-to-day basis. We don’t feel seen for our true selves, or maybe we get so used to being enveloped in the shadow of the shadow we don’t know who we are anymore to be seen.
I see you, and if you are hidden in the darkness, Ill help hold the light.
I choose to see you and accept you as you are.